Obvious: Randi Rhodes Insists Limbaugh and Hannity Favor Tax Cut Extension Just to Keep Their Own Millions

As if this line of attack weren't perfectly obvious, liberal radio host Randi Rhodes attacked Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh on Friday afternoon for favoring the extension of the Bush tax cuts just so they can selfishly keep their own millions of dollars:

Tell Sean Hannity that the only reason that Sean Hannity is advocating for holding out for 98 percent of the American people and holding them hostage is because Sean Hannity makes $22 million a year, that's why! Sean Hannity makes $22 million a year.  If Sean Hannity doesn't get his tax cut, Sean Hannity is going to pay about $900,000 more a year.

Rush Limbaugh makes $58 million a year reportedly. He's going to get a tax -- if the the tax on the top two percent is allowed to sunset, he's going to pay an extra $22 million a year. That's his tax bill, not his salary! That's his tax bill on almost $60 million dollars. But without it, you know, if they hold us hostage, then Rush will get an extra $2.7 million next year at a time when people are literally standing in line for heating assistance and he's mocking them and making racist comments about their inability to find a job or their lack of desire to find a job!

It's also perfectly obvious that Rhodes would start with the Oxycontin jokes for Limbaugh:

Now, $2.7 is a lot of money....you can - you could buy enough Oxy to make a herd of elephants go deaf....really...you could buy...in fact, you could sell - you could send Wilma Klein, his housekeeper, the one - you could send her to the Denny's on Belvedere Road in West Palm Beach in a stretch limo to pick up the Oxy for that kind of cash! That is a lot of  not that I think he'll spend all the $2.7 million on drugs - he'll spend some on donuts, too....

Rhodes worked in Glenn Beck as well: "Now, Glenn Beck makes $33 million dollars a year. Can you believe -- who knew there was this much money in lying?"

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