Brian Williams Subjects NBC Viewers to More Kennedy 'Camelot' Pictures, Including 'Incredibly Cute John Jr.'

November 23rd, 2010 11:28 AM

The 47th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy was ignored by ABC's World News, and mentioned briefly on CBS Evening News. On the NBC Nightly News, Brian Williams used the occasion to promote the sales of yet another book of Kennedy family photos of the "Camelot" era. Williams just assumes that absolutely everyone is still aglow over the media's relentless promotion of a mythical family, with no apparent flaws or infidelities:

For more than one American generation, November 22nd will always be the day President Kennedy was shot. A new book just out is full of the imagery of those years. It's called "Portrait of Camelot," full of rarely seen family photos by the White House photographer back then, Cecil Stoughton.

They include JFK’s Christmas Eve in Palm Beach, making sure the stockings were hung by the chimney with care. The incredibly cute John Jr. on a boat in August of ‘63. Jacqueline Kennedy on a boat off Cape Cod while Caroline naps on a summer day.

Video released along with the book includes a First Family dip in the fountain, the backyard of the White House on the South Lawn. And for the First Family, of course, it all came to an end on this day, 1963, in Dallas, Texas.

The photos can be very similar to everyone else's family photos, which would hardly be Nightly News material. But the Kennedy family pictures are endlessly fascinating to some people. This adoration of the Kennedys isn't as obviously biased as NBC actually employing a Kennedy as an "objective" reporter for 16 years. Can we plan for Williams showing pictures from the Reagan family when the country celebrates the 100th anniversary of his birth next February 6? Or is Williams just not in as much awe of Reagan? Is he just still the kid who wrote adoring fan mail to LBJ?

By the way, JFK was previously mentioned in Monday night newscast, in Andrea Mitchell's pretty straightforward report on Sarah Palin's new book:

She also takes on John F. Kennedy for his 1960 campaign speech on his Catholicism, while praising Mitt Romney, a Mormon. Palin writes, "Where Kennedy seemed to want to run away from religion, Mitt Romney forthrightly embraced it."