Arianna Replies: It Was ABC's Matthew Dowd Who Said Rubio Looked Like a 'Dictator'

Andrew Breitbart at Big Hollywood joined NewsBusters in raising questions about Arianna Huffington's strange Election Night tweet suggesting Marco Rubio resembled a Central American dictator: "On nightline set matthew dowd on sen elect rubio surrounded by flags looking like a central american dictator." A glance at ABC's on-air content at 3 am on Wednesday morning showed neither Dowd nor Huffington said that on the air:

So what exactly was the Queen of social news media’s tweet really about? Once the “dictator” part of Arianna’s insults is stripped away, what’s left is “Central American,” and that’s the crux of her tweet. She is playing the race card with Marco Rubio. Of course the mainstream media will fail to notice that this is a racist comment, which is no less racist than if a Republican compared Obama to Idi Amin. Is there any doubt that Arianna Huffington and her Huffington Post empire would not be leading the charge to destroy the person who uttered that unfortunate analogy?

Today, Huffington replied on Twitter to Breitbart: My tweet was merely quoting, with his consent, GOP strategist Matthew Dowd’s take on Rubio’s acceptance speech. Next!

As Breitbart noted in reply, for Huffington to post that on her page implies an agreement with the "dictator" insult (and/or an admiration of its cynicism and racial overtones, not to mention its distaste for displays of the American flag). It's a bit shocking for Dowd to be this nasty. I'm sure his former client George W. Bush would not appreciate the Miami's-answer-to-Ortega snark. It might, however, grant him more favorability inside the news rooms at ABC.

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