Stewart Rally Being Used for 'Drop Fox' Campaigning

One prominent liberal supporter/exploiter of the Comedy Central “sanity” rally is Media Matters for America, which will glom onto the march in its effort to kill Fox News Channel. As MMFA's Karl Frisch explained on the liberal Stephanie Miller show on Wednesday:

FRISCH: For going on a couple of weeks now we’ve heard them talk about the Rally to Restore Sanity and the March to Keep Fear Alive. I just couldn’t help but thinking that it reminded me of a certain cable news network, the keep-fear-alive thing. Fox News. They keep fear alive every single day. So, Media Matters has put advertisements on all the Metro [subway] stations that people will be using to get to the rally this Saturday in Washington. We’ve also got dozens of volunteers and street canvassers that will be carrying our petition calling on advertisers to drop Fox News. To the masses that assemble we’ll be handing out T-shirts and rally signs and lapel stickers as well and right now we’re finalizing plans to have a presence at the L.A. rally as well.

MILLER: Oh, cool, and its

On that page, you get this rhetoric for a petition:  

FOX Keeps Fear Alive. Restore Sanity, Drop FOX.

Each day, Fox News "keeps fear alive" with a steady stream of false and misleading attacks on President Obama, progressive members of Congress, and policy initiatives such as reforming health care, fixing the economy, and fighting global warming. Fox News is not a news organization, it is a right-wing political operation. That is why I am joining the fight to "restore sanity" by holding Fox News accountable.  

In case Media Matters doesn't sound partisan enough, ABC's Jake Tapper noted that President Obama planned to meet five progressive bloggers for 45 minutes on Wednesday, including Oliver Willis and Duncan Black -- both on the staff at Media Matters for America. Perhaps Obama inquired as to how the Fox-strangling effort was going.

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