Mark Levin: Joe Scarborough's a 'Rash on Conservatism's Inner Thigh'

Picking up on the latest Mark Finkelstein NewsBusters post on the routinely, relentlessly conservative-bashing Joe Scarborough, Mark Levin attacked the MSNBC host today (Joe Who?) on his Facebook page:

Joe Scarborough has become a rash on conservatism's inner thigh.  He poses as the last, great conservative thinker, but he truly is buffoonish.  Here he is trashing Sarah Palin, claiming she will cost Republicans the Senate. 

I see Palin campaigning all over the country for candidates.  I see her raising funds for them.  I see her attending Tea Party events, Republican events, you name it.  She's in the fight.  She has put her neck on the line and has exposed her family to outrageous ridicule.  And she has done great things that have advanced conservatism and Republican Party hopes next week.

Conversely, Joe Scarborough has done nothing.  He sits at his table on MSNBC arrogantly denouncing conservatives, pandering to liberals, and repeating stupid talking points someone uttered days earlier.  He has no ideas and, worse, he drags down those who do.  Has he campaigned for anyone?  Yet he passes judgment on someone who has.  Has he raised funds for anyone?  Has he used his "celebrity" (such as it is) in constructive ways?  He tried radio twice.  He failed.  His book had minimal sales (he will tell you he was on the New York Times list, but he won't tell you sales figures).  And his cable audience is barely a blip on the ratings chart.  The ratings and book figures don't lie.  If challenged on this point, I will go dig them up.  So Scarborough's ego is far bigger than his following.  And his following is small because he's irrelevant.

But when he fires shots into the backs of conservatives, those shots should not be free shots, for he does so knowing full well that he'll score points with his bosses and colleagues at MSNBC and beyond.  That's his real audience. 

Go Sarah.  Get lost Joe.

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