Shocking: Maria Shriver's Daughter Excited Over Jon Stewart-Stephen Colbert Rally

The pile of liberal guests (and guest hosts) on ABC's The View Tuesday led to breathless admiration and excitement all around. Washington Post TV writer Lisa de Moraes noticed that guest host Maria Shriver cooed to comedian Stephen Colbert about the liberal Rally to Restore Sanity And/Or Fear on October 30: "My daughter [Christina Schwarzenegger] goes to Georgetown and she's so excited to come to the rally. What should she expect?"

This must thrill liberal hearts, who want something (anything) that fires up liberal young people.

Barbara Walters was feeling warm and fuzzy introducing her good friend Arianna Huffington: "Full disclosure. This is a day when I have two -- with Maria and Arianna, when I have two women I have known forever. We have known each other for 30 years. [Referring to Huffington, and clutching her hand,] I am the godmother to her eldest child. So I'm slightly prejudiced." She waved around the cover of the new Forbes magazine Power Women issue, with Huffington on the cover.

Colbert, that "potent evangelist" for Catholics, was asked about teaching "Sunday school" (which isn't really Catholic terminology), and he joked about teaching about a "loosey-goosey Jesus."

WHOOPI GOLDBERG:  You were also a Sunday school teacher, someone told me?

COLBERT: I have been a Sunday school teacher for three years. Not this year. But last year I was. I do it every year that one of my kids has first holy communion.  So I want to be their catechist. It’s the special year, and I want to do the special thing. And I'm married to a Presbyterian, not a Catholic. So my wife wanted to know what are they going to teach them in sunday school. I said I'll go teach em and I’ll tell you.

SHERRI SHEPHERD: What do you say?

COLBERT: A very loosey-goosey kind of Jesus. Jesus just says go for it. No, no…I teach, I have the little books. I go every week.

MARIA SHRIVER: I have kids in Sunday school, and I always wonder what did they actually learn?  

COLBERT: Uh, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Obviously, don't chew the Eucharist. It makes the angels cry. The big things. You know, the major -- Don't steal from the collection plate. Absolutely.

GOLDBERG: Don’t drink the wine.

COLBERT: No you get to sip the wine.

GOLDBERG: You get to sip the wine now?

COLBERT: Even the 8-year-olds get to have a sip of wine.

GOLDBERG: Get out of here!

COLBERT: Hammered!

GOLDBERG: I went to catholic school, they were like, you cannot do it.

COLBERT: We party, man. We party every Sunday. 

Liberals somehow find this vision of getting eight-year-olds hammered on wine at communion time is a moment of "potent evangelism."

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