In CNN's America, We're Heavily Black and Muslim

CNN, like many liberal media outlets, is very interested in diversity -- in race, creed, sexual preference, everything but ideology.  But check out this image today, as CNN launched a new marketing gimmick asking viewers to fill in the sentence "My America Is...." If we're going to get into bean-counting here, judging from the graphic behind anchorman Tony Harris today, America is majority-black and has a lot of Muslim women. America certainly has a great palette of races and creeds, but I count six African-Americans, two Muslim women, an Asian man, a Latino family, and several white children:


Here's promo copy from a blog post promoting the new campaign today:

15 days until the midterm election.

Amid all the mudslinging and political promises, it's easy to lose sight of what elections are really about.

 They are about shaping what this country is about and setting a course for where we want to see it go.

On this show, we want to get back to basics. To brass tacks. The core beliefs. So we're asking you to help us answer one simple question:

            What does "America" mean to you?

 It's a segment we're calling, "My America is..." 

And we want to hear from you.  We want to hear your personal experiences.

Your vantage point.  Your everyday life in this nation. What does this country look like from where you’re standing?   

It doesn't look exactly like the faces CNN picked.

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