WaPo Tries to Bury Their Own Depressing Poll Numbers for Dems Off the Front Page

The Washington Post doesn't avoid the bad news for Democrats on Tuesday's front page, but it noticeably tried to hide the worst of it. The headline on the new ABC/Post poll was "Republicans making gains ahead of midterm elections; parties nearly even on trust; Obama's overall rating is at new low, poll finds."

There is no graphic illustration of any poll result -- unlike their misleading GOP-maligning July 13 story. The Post did announce that inside their polls merely "shows Republicans with the edge as independents slide away from the Democrats." But the story by Dan Balz and Jon Cohen saved all the most depressing numbers for inside the paper on A5:

-- Republicans lead Democrats 47 to 45 percent on the basic ballot question, but "among those most likely to vote this fall, the Republican advantage swells to 53 percent to the Democrats' 40 percent."

-- "Voters were also asked whether they think it is more important to have Democrats in charge of Congress to help support the president's policies or to have Republicans in control to serve as a check on Obama's agenda. Here, 55 percent say they prefer Republicans, while 39 percent choose Democrats. The GOP's 16-point edge is double what it was in July."

-- "Obama's overall job rating is at a new low in Post-ABC polling, with just 46 percent of all Americans giving him positive marks and 52 percent negative ones. On two big issues, disapproval of the president's performance has reached new highs: Fifty-seven percent now disapprove of his handling of the economy and 58 percent give him low marks on dealing with the deficit."

-- "Forty-five percent now consider the president's views on most issues 'too liberal,' another new high. In previous polls dating to early 2008, consistent majorities said they found Obama's positions 'just about right' ideologically."

Karen Tumulty's story on the left side of the top of the front page didn't hide the pessimism. Before looking at the state of play in Wisconsin, it began: "Democrats in Congress are no longer asking themselves whether this is going to be a bad election year for them and their party. They are asking whether it is going to be a disaster."

The Inside box in between the front page stories did suggest "President Obama announces $50 billion in new road, rail, and runway improvements. A2" At least the story itself (by Peter Slevin) noted this is a "proposal," not an announcement, as if the president just spends public money without Congressional approval.

The inside box didn't note Obama's strange notion that Republicans "talk about me like a dog," or that he bizarrely claimed "If I said the sky is blue, they'd say no. If I said fish live in the sea, they'd say no." They were in the A2 story.

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