After MSNBC Mocks Angle for Expecting Fox Info Plugs, Ed Schultz Boasts How He'll Boost Dems

Last Wednesday, Chris Matthews wildly attacked Fox for acting like "stooges" for Republican candidates like Sharron Angle to come on and promote their candidacies. It turns out that on the very same day on his national radio show, Ed Schultz was talking up how excited he was for "stooge" work for the Democrats on MSNBC:  

I'm excited about the fact that now that I've been at MSNBC for over a year now, year and a half, this is the first election cycle that I get to go through with a TV show. I'll show those son of a guns over at Fox how to promote candidates. I'll do a great job doing that! [Michigan gubernatorial candidate] Virg Bernero will be on the tube tonight, a winner yesterday. Next up will be next Wednesday after the Tuesday primary in Colorado where Andrew Romanoff is going to defeat Mr. Bennet, the appointed senator, who was late to the table on helping Americans on health care reform.

But Schultz attacked Angle in his "Psycho Talk" segment on his MSNBC show for expecting Fox to do what he was boasting he'd do for the Democrats:

Wow. Now, you know it‘s bad when Fox News is calling the newest Tea Party queen naive. Hey, Sharron, I‘ll tell you how your wish can come true. Move to China.

Their media censorship means that the press would only ask questions that you want to answer. Or better yet, maybe you can check out Iran. If journalists there don‘t report the news the way you want, well, they can get arrested. You‘d like that, wouldn‘t you?

Here in America though, we have this thing called freedom of the press. It‘s kind of in the Constitution. You can ask your Tea Party buddies for a copy. They will have one for you.

Republican leaders better hope Sharron Angle goes right back into hiding, because a wannabe public servant saying that she wants to control the press is “Psycho Talk.”

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