Randi Rhodes: Jefferson Would Slap Rush Limbaugh, and Ben Franklin Would Pummel Mark Levin

Randi Rhodes believes she knows the original intent of the Founding Fathers -- and that it was their intention to brutalize conservative talk-radio stars Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin. On Wednesday afternoon's show, she was ripping into Arizona's immigration law, and how conservatives aren't democratic, and liberals are the forces of freedom and the Constitution: 

Because they’re not democratic. Because they are what they say we are. They are actually the controlling freaks that they think we are. We are the people who believe in freedom. We are the people who believe in one man, one vote. We are the people that believe that the Constitution matters, and that if the Constitution has a requirement that federal immigration is the purview of the federal government to administer and enforce all immigration laws, then we actually stand by that, whether or not, you know, we think that was the right decision or the wrong decision for the Framers to have chosen. [Mocking] The founders. The fathers. The founding fathers. This is why I retch every time when their start with their founding father – with their love.

Thomas Jefferson would bitch-slap Rush Limbaugh so hard -- I swear -- and oh, Mark Levin - can you imagine Ben Franklin going up against Mark Levin, and what mincemeat he would make out of that bald little psycho? I mean, seriously! Five minutes -- they wouldn't even last five minutes! There would be a duel immediately on the streets of New York! It’s so good.

A Rhodes-loving caller immediately responded "Love it when you lose it, and just go for it!" She lost it, all right.

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