Hours After Fireworks, Pacifica Aired Michael Moore Saying Americans Will Be Rejected from Heaven

Pacifica Radio, funded in part by federal grants from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, has a habit of ruining the patriotic holidays with their programming. On Memorial Day, their show "Democracy Now" hosted radical leftist Noam Chomsky railing against the "grand criminal" Ronald Reagan. On July 5, while many were still warmly recalling the Independence Day fireworks displays, "Democracy Now" aired a special interview with leftist filmmaker Michael Moore, who concluded by suggesting taxpaying Americans (even anti-war taxpaying Americans) aren't getting into Heaven due to their government's warmongering.

Moore said he would tell President Obama to withdraw all U.S. troops now from Iraq and Afghanistan, because the wars there were immoral:

I just wonder sometimes, who do we think we are as Americans, that we’re not going to have to answer for this someday? You know, whether we answer for it here or there, or if you’re a religious person and you think there’s a life after this, you know, what do you think is going to happen up at the Pearly Gates when they check your citizenship and go, "Oh, you were an American? Ha, well, here’s your list of crimes”?

“Oh, yeah. No, I was against the war! I was against the war!”

“Did you pay your taxes?”

“Well, yeah, you got to pay your taxes.”

“Well, then you helped fund this, didn’t you?”

“Oh, yeah.”

“OK, well, you know, turn around. You’re not coming in the Gates.”

I just—I think that there’s so much good that we could do. You know, if you travel the world, you know that people like us as people, as individuals. There’s something charming about our naïveté and our, you know, right? I mean, you know, “Hey! Hey! How ya doin’! Hey, yeah! I’m from Detroit! Yeah!” They could spot us coming. But I think we’re capable of a lot of good. And when you have a billion people on this planet that tonight cannot drink a cup of clean water, two billion who don’t have clean sanitation, what if we used our money to do that? I read this crazy statistic—and I have not fact-checked this, I’ll just throw this out there—but it was something like, for $15 billion or something like that, we could dig so many—x number of wells in the third world that would greatly reduce that number of how many people don’t have clean water.

And I’m thinking, $15 billion is what we’ve been spending almost most every month on Iraq and Afghanistan. So, one month of the killing machine could give clean water to virtually all the people that don’t have it? Wouldn’t you rather be known as, you know, a citizen of a country that a child 10,000 miles away, while growing up, drinking clean water, saw that plaque on that well that said, "Brought to you from your friends in the United States of America"? That’s how I’d like to be known.

Earlier in the show, Moore thanked the nuns who foiled his school newspaper career since he wrote the Catholic Church was a "woman-hating institution." He said he showed his film "Sicko" to elderly nuns in Michigan and "nuns are great, because they know the [bleep] that goes on in the Catholic Church, and they were always more radical and more antiwar and all that, because obviously they were suffering their own oppression being nuns and just taking it out on the rest of us."

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