Daily Kos on Gen. McChrystal: 'Ruthless, Bullying Criminal' Like a '13-Year-Old Skateboarder'

If the bloggers at Daily Kos can imply that Keith Olbermann isn't pro-Obama enough for them, you can only imagine what they think of Gen. Stanley McChrystal. The Kosmonaut known simply as "Overlander" relayed that the general has written short stories with plots about presidential assassination, so clearly it's a "fantasy" of his:

I hope the Secret Service strip searches this monstrous thug before his meeting with Obama in the White House Wednesday. For the humiliation, mainly. But you can't be too careful with this devil.

Hastings' article reveals that sometimes, America's military is not made up of our best and brightest, but of our sickest and most pathological criminals. Half frat boy, half eighth-grader, half murderer and all evil, McChrystal is a sad remnant of Donald Rumsfeld's dysfunctional Pentagon who should have been kicked out of the military in West Point rather than be allowed to slouch his way through a brutal career and find his way into the White House.

Armed only with an article in Rolling Stone, a magazine that's been infatuated with every powerful Democrat from Clinton to Gore to Obama, this oracle of Kos knows this immature Bushie must be stripped of responsibility:

Obama has allowed McChrystal to write his Afghanistan policy. But McChrystal still whimpers and whines and tosses off junior high insults when talking about the minimal constraints our weak civilian government places on our runaway military.

Obama should sack McChrystal because McChrystal is a ruthless, bullying criminal with the emotional development of a 13-year-old skateboarder.

This blogger can upbraid a general as an emotionally stunted criminal, but he or she doesn't even have the guts to sign their name to it. It's appropriate that Keith Olbermann would rejoin this screed-writing band of self-righteous leftists.

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