Carrie Fisher on Obama: He's 'Brilliant,' and Racist 'Tea Baggers Don't Deserve Him'

June 18th, 2010 11:29 PM

Actress and author Carrie Fisher, revered for her role as Princess Leia in the Star Wars movies, granted an interview to the website Pop Eater. Late in the interview, they asked "Is there anyone you haven't met that you've always wanted to?" She said Barack Obama. They expressed surprise she hadn't met him. "I know. I love him. Hopefully I'll meet him sometime. I'm just happy he exists." Then came the rant against conservative Obama opponents:  

Do you think Tea Party is just people who are pissed that there is an African American president?

Yup, and the fact that they chose to call themselves "teabaggers," which is slang for a certain act involving b***s. It sort of says a lot. I would say a mouthful. Looks like it's very upsetting for them, but he's brilliant. The thing is, he's half white but that's still not enough -- for them it's all white or f**k off. I think we don't deserve him and certainly teabaggers don't deserve him. [Asterisks theirs.]

Fisher also is a little candid with Pop Eater about how her father cheated with Elizabeth Taylor, as well as her electro-shock therapy.