Daily Kos Mourns 'Such a Good-Natured Woman,' That Helen Thomas

UPDATE: Kosmonauts upset Obama flack decried Helen Thomas comments: "when has he [Obama] ever kicked anyone's ass? Not counting little old ladies, that is."

Even as she sneered that the Jews should "get the hell out of Palestine," Helen Thomas could easily find fervent defenders in the hard-left environs of the Daily Kos. Some of them couldn't believe such a sweet and good-natured woman would be demonized. The blogger "General Choomin" literally claimed that on Tuesday night: 

This diary is mostly about the smear campaign aimed at Helen Thomas and how right wing propaganda easily mixes with Israeli propaganda. It is a story that people would label me as crazy if I didn't have the facts to back it up. How could such a good natured woman have so many people denounce her without even knowing the effort that went into it? How could so many people turn their backs on her even though she served her country in a way that most civilians never could?

Perhaps these people should try being on the other end of one of her rants before they try to paint her as Sweet Polly Purebred. "Chipoliwog" agreed on Tuesday that Helen the "patient heroine" had been wronged and her legacy of greatness was unappreciated: 

Yesterday, the world lost the voice of one of it's greatest journalists. Lost to the exigencies of political correctness. Hoisted on her own petard.

Gone is the legacy of over 60 years of aggressive truth seeking journalism. Fearlessness in the face of power. A voice that had garnered the respect and fear of 12 or more Presidents of the United States. So undaunted by power that she would even ask a hard question immediately after being praised by such Presidents. Gone is the patient heroine that endured the blatant humiliation of the just previous President who banished her to the back of the room and not once called on her during his term. [Not true. Just wrong.]

Ms. Thomas's mistake has been seized upon but her apology has not. Her legacy of speaking truth to power, of shining the light on corruption, and the propensity of Man's inhumanity to Man is snuffed out.

This blogger should have really headlined this blog "This Will Induce Vomiting." The Kosmonauts were upset that Barack Obama wasn't risking his own image by joining them publicly in hailing her as a brave and truthful freedom fighter:  

What I had hoped for in the election of Barack Hussein Obama was that integrity and authenticity would rule the day. What I wanted to hear from the President was that Helen screwed up and perhaps seriously. But to remind the American people that this person should be remembered for her long enduring accomplishments in defense of freedom. Instead, what we got was him either playing the same game or being played by that game.

So White House press corps, in the era of false equivalency passing for journalism, who among you can ever presume to rise to Ms. Thomas's mantle? Who will speak truth to this and future Presidents? Who will be the gadfly when others are sycophants?

On Monday, "Sluggahjells" was the first Kosmonaut to the barricades, smelling an AIPAC conspiracy to gin up a mob against this wonderful journalist:

Whether you believe her statements or not, Thomas knows that saying things like that in public would come with the risk of dealing with a mob like [CNN's Ed] Henry and all using the chances they can get to rid of her once and for all. Especially when AIPAC always hovering around. There just seemed like there was no way she was going to survive this one.

Still though, thank you DC Stenography society of stupidity for going after an 89 year respected wonderful journalist instead of doing your job and calling out your other colleagues who said controversial cringe like things about Muslims over the years.

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