Fox's Glee Mocks Ann Coulter, Makes Feminist Wage Claims

Fox's musical/drama show Glee aired a Madonna-themed episode about female empowerment Tuesday night -- complete with an Ann Coulter joke.

The female guidance counselor was fretting about the poor role models for girls today -- she mentioned Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and Ann Coulter. There was no verbal explanation for Ann's inclusion -- just a wide-eyed pause.

The show also contained the usual feminist complaint about unequal pay for equal work. Quinn, the pregnant teen on the show, proclaimed "The fact is that women still earn 70 cents for every dollar for doing the same job. It starts in high school."

"It" would mean the disrespect men have for women. See Carrie Lukas for the rebuttal.

Previously, in November Quinn's dad threw her out of the house for getting pregnant, and he was portrayed as a heartless Christian loser who loved Glenn Beck.

FOX Glee
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