Bill Maher Claims Tea Parties Wrong About Tax Hikes, But Won't 'Let the Truth Spoil a Perfectly Good Klan Rally'

HBO should name its show "Real Lies with Bill Maher," because on Friday night he was wildly claiming that 98 percent of taxpayers paid lower taxes this year, and so Tea Parties are just a Klan rally:

What a day for the Tea Party people. Did you see that? America's parks and fairgrounds were lost in a sea of man-boobs. (Laughter) As they were venting their anger and rage against taxes, which in most cases for them went down. Protesting, their taxes went down. Why let the truth spoil a perfectly good Klan rally?

After the whoops and applause and laughter, he continued:

It's true, it's true. These are the facts. Federal taxes went down for 98 percent of people -- working families, individuals, almost everybody.

But when asked about this, only 12 percent of the teabaggers thought this was the case. Eighty-eight percent of them were wrong. A spokesman for the tea parties said 'We don't just want to be taxed less. We want to be taxed less by a white person.

Then Maher joked that since there was  a proposal that the tax code should be no longer than the Constitution, he joked "It's not taxes they hate. It's reading."

Then he turned to Palin menstrual joke. "In a related story about reading, Sarah Palin -- (laughter) yesterday she got an iPad, and she was complaining that it's not really that absorbent."

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