How Are Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert 'Modern-Day Prophets' for Christians?

March 27th, 2010 8:22 AM

Unsurprisingly, the Washington Post granted editorial-page space on Saturday to leftist Jim Wallis to vent against Glenn Beck for opposing "social justice." But here's the weirdest part:

Journalists, cable and radio talk shows, and even Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have reported on or spoofed Beck's attempt to discredit this concept.

Even the left-wing comedians have spoofed Beck? And yet, I don't recall Wallis the Outraged Christian saying anything about Colbert's Christmas special, which joked that the Christians would like to murder the ACLU in their beds, and that Christians are just like Muslims in believing in a "dark and spiteful God."

And yet, Wallis writes in the Post with great insincerity that we need to get away from "an increasingly poisonous public discourse" -- while Colbert painted pictures of Santa laughing when the Christians killed off the freedom-from-religion lawyers.

In fact, Wallis is so attuned to the Christian-bashers at Comedy Central that he put Jon Stewart on the cover of his magazine Sojourners last summer with the headline "The Truth Smirks."

Here's how Wallis promoted Stewart as a "modern-day prophet" on his blog:

A joyful heart is good medicine,” the scriptures say in Proverbs 17:22.  Laughter truly is good for the soul, and quite possibly a democracy.  I have often said that the Hebrew prophets used humor and satire as they spoke truth to power. In this month's redesigned Sojourners magazine, I interviewed Jon Stewart, who has done the same thing with Comedy Central’s The Daily Show. As Brian McLaren pointed out last week, Stewart reminds us that the media have an important role, even when they make us groan and laugh. Jon has long been one of my television favorites, and appearing on The Daily Show twice so far has been a lot of fun.

I invite you to check out the new look of the magazine and read the extended interview. Judge for yourself whether Jon Stewart might just be a modern day prophet (He says he’s just a comic, but don’t believe him!), or at least have some lessons for us all on how to be one.

If the Post were fair, they would offer space to let a conservative Christian offer an alternative view, like Albert Mohler has offered. Leftists like Wallis always imply that Christianity's mandate to aid the poor is the very same thing as supporting ObamaCare and other socialist initiatives. "Social justice" is often code for socialism, and forced sacrifice to the poor (and their allegedly helpful government agencies) is not the same as voluntary sacrifice.