Couric Changes Tone on Tiger Woods: His Cheating Now 'Disgusting and Reprehensible'

On Friday, we noticed Katie Couric expressing sympathy for Tiger Woods on her Twitter page, that he was at the "epicenter of humiliation" and public judgment "must be very painful." ABC’s Jake Tapper replied that he hoped the "painful" referred to the pain of Tiger’s wife and children. On Saturday, Couric responded to Tapper and our blog on Twitter:

For the record...I think what tiger did was disgusting and reprehensible...but still have some compassion for him and his family!

Couric also tried to show sympathy for Tiger’s wife in her Friday "Katie Couric’s Notebook" commentary, even as she suggested Tiger was "contrite" and "vulnerable," which is not how many viewers found it:

Today, for the first time since the scandal erupted, Tiger Woods addressed the public...and delivered a contrite apology to his wife, his fans, and his fellow golfers.

He appeared vulnerable, at times even tearful. This was a crouching Tiger, not at all the showman we've seen on the golf course.

While some may be more interested in the details...and he offered few if any...the fans are only interested in the date....of his return to the sport that made him a star.

He said he will come back someday, but at this point he couldn't say when.

A recent poll found that 75 percent of those golf fans are ready to see him back in the game.

Whether his wife Elin will be as quick to forgive remains to be seen...but as Tiger said today...that's between a husband and wife.

After what she's been through...a little privacy should be par for the course.

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