Rosie O'Donnell, Broadway Star Spread 9/11 Truther Talk on Radio

Rosie O’Donnell is still spreading 9-11 conspiracy theories on her new Sirius/XM radio show. On Friday, she welcomed Broadway star (and one-season Saturday Night Live cast member) Christine Ebersole. The two entertainers agreed that something was fishy in Washington (just as they did on ABC's The View in 2007):

EBERSOLE: I don't need to know what happened [on 9/11], because I don't, and that's why we need another investigation...I do know that the official government story is a complete and total lie.

O'DONNELL: Yes, and that's what I've been saying, too.

EBERSOLE: When you're a're called a conspiracy theorist...What is a more outrageous conspiracy theory than 19 guys taking orders from somebody on dialysis in a cave in Afghanistan, with box-cutters, overcoming a trillion-dollar defense industry?...Come on. Really...You could be a ten-year-old and know that that's...a Santa Claus story.

Ebersole also declared that governments use foreigners to scare the ignorant common people: "Goebbels said it in the '30s in Nazi Germany: all you've got to do to get people to do your bidding is to say that there's a foreign enemy...that's coming to get you...Osama bin Laden, former CIA operative, I don't know if most people know that, friends of the Bush family for many, many...decades."

Rosie recounted how she was frightened in an airport by what turned out to be a Homeland Security exercise: " I'm walking through [the airport], going, 'Now, does anyone else think that this is some sort of totalitarian nightmare?'

Ebersole replied: "I think America is one of the most brainwashed countries, really, in the world, through school...It's like, 'Under your desks, darlings, the Communists are coming'...We're taught to believe that we're the good guys."

O'Donnell also repeated her line that the movie Avatar was a crystal-clear examination of our government’s policies: "Did you see Avatar?...Here it is, about [this] white totalitarian government that is exploiting these indigenous people for their resources...killing order to take the resources out...and [the] American audience [is] cheering for the blue guys. I'm going, 'Do they not see the parallel?'"

Ebersole even went after Obama, "flying over Afghanistan to get the Nobel Peace Prize as those 60,000 troops go in to murder how many...women and children?...War is war."

O’Donnell added: "And it's wrong on every level, always."

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