Fox-TV Mocks Fox News: Heartless Christian Dad on 'Glee' Is a Glenn Beck Fan

Here is more proof there is a vast chasm between Fox News and Fox Entertainment in Hollywood. In Wednesday night’s episode of Glee, a heartless Christian dad character is – of course – a big Glenn Beck watcher. The biggest liberal joke on the series is the pregnant cheerleader Quinn who leads the "Celibacy Club," who is preparing for the chastity ball, but the secret of her pregnancy gets out at the dinner table.

I don’t have the precise Beck quote, but it was an "ooh, Glenn Beck’s on" moment. TV Squad summarizes: "But the whole thing brought to light a lot about Quinn's home life: her dad watches Glenn Beck, is a heartless loser, and her mom won't stand up for her. That's all the important stuff."

In fact, she is thrown out of the house, because that’s apparently what Beck-watching Christians do when their teens get pregnant. They’re uninvolved, clueless alcoholics who don’t really know their children.

The first commenter of TV Squad was upset: "For a show that preaches at its core tolerance, equality, love and acceptance, to not judge a person by what they are but to judge them by WHO they are, Glee showed tonight in a sad and predictable moment, that it applied that correct and proper axiom to everyone BUT Christians, Conservatives and Republicans."

(Hat tip: Steve)

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