On Radio, Ed Schultz Urges Alan Grayson as Obama's Speechwriter, Jokes About Shooting GOP Aide

October 3rd, 2009 5:47 PM

Ultraliberal talk show host Ed Schultz took to his radio show Thursday to raise the roof for Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Florida) and his charge that Republican health plan is "die quickly" and their neglect has led to a "holocaust." Schultz thinks he should write speeches for Obama. That wouldn’t exactly match Obama’s whole unite-not-divide campaign, but Schultz doesn’t care:

"This guy is an all-American representative. This guy had, you think he's worried about re-election?! You know why he's doing this? Because he's representing the people in his district. This is how Americans feel....

Gosh I wish President Obama would take that material and lay it right on these 40 obstructionists in the Senate. In fact I wish this Grayson guy was a speechwriter for President Obama...

This is what liberals have been missing for two decades. This type of punch-'em-in-the-nose mentality, give it right back to 'em. Now I think that there are progressive talkers out there that have done this, including myself, I'm not the only one.

Later in the show, Schultz denounced National Republican Congressional Committee spokesman Ken Spain for telling The Hill newspaper that Grayson "has established a pathological pattern of unstable behavior" in his attacks. Schultz said he wanted to take him hunting and shoot him:

'This is how they play the game. Spain is the same guy that went after me. Hey, can I Cheney this guy? Could I take him pheasant hunting? I won't shoot him in the face. I may hit him in the ass, but I won't get him in the face.

Schultz was encouraged by pencil-thin ultraliberal Rep. Anthony Weiner, who agreed liberals need to play rough:

WEINER: The way I put it, sometimes we Democrats go into knife fights carrying library books. I think, you know, we need to be, we need to be animated by voices like yours and by Grayson's to say, listen, you know, to some degree what he was, the point that he was making, and it was somewhat ironic, is that, you know, all of this crazy talk that's coming from the Right, trying to prevent health care from happening, the death panels, you're gonna put Granny to sleep, really what it comes down to is his fundamental point, we shouldn't lose sight of the forest for the trees, the Republican proposal is to do nothing

On Friday’s show, Schultz spent most of the first half hour avoiding the Olympic fiasco, spending the time instead with John Nichols of The Nation praising Grayson. On the charge of calling the Republicans part of a health care "holocaust," Nichols thought he was more entitled: "He’s Jewish, I’m not."