Rachel Maddow as Pope? Stephanie Miller Says Going to MSNBC Set 'Like Visiting the Vatican'

Brian Maloney at The Radio Equalizer found wacky leftist radio host Stephanie Miller taking her worship of MSNBC to ridiculous levels, even for a comedian who's (half?) joking: 

I was on Ed Schultz yesterday, as a liberal, going to MSNBC – like visiting the Vatican...Hung out with Rachel Maddow for a while. I would have licked Keith Olbermann’s chair again, but he doesn’t let me into his studio...[Whispers about Maddow] She is awesome!

Maloney added:

Now, imagine for a moment the state-run media's reaction if a conservative were to equate the FOX News Channel studios with any major religious site or institution. The mere mention of "licking the chair" of a FOX host would bring months of ridicule.

Thanks, Steph, for defining liberalism as it exists today. We couldn't have said it better.

Unsurprisingly, the lesbian activist Maddow isn't a fan of the present Pope, but didn't go full-Sinead-O'Connor in an interview with George Wayne for Vanity Fair:

VANITY FAIR: He does have a style, but he puts the "rot" in "Rottweiler."

MADDOW: I think German and Pope are a bad combo.

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