Dick Cavett Declares on Imus 'It's Worse to Murder Animals' Than Humans

Blogger Jill Stanek was stunned to hear former PBS talk show host Dick Cavett declare on the Don Imus radio show that the murder of animals is a greater offense than the killing of humans. Cavett was busy denouncing quarterback Michael Vick's interview on 60 Minutes, calling him a "textbook psychopath" who was almost completely incapable of rehabilitation. (That doesn't sound very liberal.) That led to this declaration:

CAVETT: To my mind, it's worse to murder animals than to murder human beings. I'm not a religico, but human beings are full of sins and crimes and dirty deeds and conscious cruelty. No dog is.

IMUS: Boy, isn't that the truth! I have dogs here at the ranch I like better than anyone I know.

Listen to the audio here. The comment comes about two minutes in.

Stanek's obvious point was that unborn human beings are also free of "dirty deeds and conscious cruelty," but liberals think they're completely expendable.

But Michael Vick, now playing for the Philadelphia Eagles, is in a different league of villain, according to Cavett: "I'm religious to this degree. If there is a Hell, I trust he will fry in it."

Dick Cavett
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