Candice Bergen Doesn't Like John Edwards, and Hates the Other Woman

The website Women on the Web (Wow-o-Wow) convened a little forum last Friday about whether Elizabeth Edwards is right to stay with her adulterous husband. Sesame Street creator Joan Ganz Cooney expressed a distaste for Elizabeth's creation of a spectacle that's clearly not coming from Oprah Winfrey or Larry King or other publicists of Elizabeth's new opus: "I think she is making a mistake writing a book about the affair and publicizing it. She must really hate him to decide to be so publicly punitive. And it’s got to be an embarrassment to their children, particularly their grown daughter. I would have preferred that they work their marriage problems out in private."

But actress Candice Bergen really lets her anger flow against the Other Woman in this narrative:

The sleaze in this is, of course, John, but Rielle Hunter — who came up with that ridiculous name herself by the bye; her name used to be something entirely other and she gives women a black eye. We all know the type, they make your hair go all weird and your teeth chatter. They are utterly amoral, without a shred of conscience and tough as tacks. But I seem to have veered off message here. I also, like Joan, question her writing a book but till I read some of it, I’ll hold off on blathering on about it. She is a remarkable woman and I am very sorry she has had so much to endure. Including a husband who is dumb enough to be sucked in by an ambitious [vulgar C-word for female genitals].

Days before, Candice Bergen and ABC Nightline co-anchor Cynthia McFadden has this exchange about sexy political figures:

CYNTHIA: Well, alright, I say Tony Blair for me. If he would just say he was wrong about the war in Iraq, I could really go for him. But I interviewed him a couple of years ago and I was just absolutely smitten. I guess I’m a little less so now.

CANDICE: I think everybody was having out-of-body experiences when that war was declared, and I don’t know that people can be held completely accountable for —

CYNTHIA: OK. Alright, so he has out-of-body exception...

Cynthia also found liberal actor Paul Newman sexy (before he died), and then came the predictable Obama love:

CYNTHIA: I think Barack Obama’s pretty damned sexy, too, I have to tell you.

CANDICE: Yes, and as far as a girl crush goes, Michelle Obama is just fantastic.

CYNTHIA: Isn’t she? She seems to be so comfortable in her own skin. She’s fantastic. And Shakira …

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