Obama Half-Brother Diverted from U.K. Over Teen Sex Assault Accusation

Clinton’s White House aides complained about all the British press clips the "Clinton haters" used to start up negative coverage in the United States. Here’s one for the Barry Era: From the London Times comes an embarrassing report on a Kenyan sibling of Barack Obama, one who couldn’t land in London en route to his half-brother’s inauguration:

BARACK OBAMA’s half-brother has been refused entry to Britain after reportedly being accused of an attempted sex attack on a 13-year-old girl on his last visit.

Samson Obama, who runs a mobile phone shop in Nairobi in Kenya, was on his way to the president’s inauguration in January when he tried to stop over in Britain to visit relatives. But he was turned away by immigration officers who declined to issue a visa on the grounds of deception.

Biometric tests carried out at East Midlands airport showed that he was linked to the attack on a girl in Berkshire last November but never charged, according to a report last night. Further checks identified Samson as the half-brother of President Obama, leading to a hurried call to the White House.

A Home Office source told the News of the World: "This was obviously an extremely sensitive issue when it was flashed up by the database." Officers had noticed that one of the documents that Samson had supplied with his visa application was false which led them to make further inquiries, according to a Home Office spokesman.

Details on the database suggested that he was the same man who had been arrested by police in Berkshire after approaching a group of young girls, including a 13 year-old, and allegedly trying to sexually assault one of them, the News of the World reported.

He then followed the girls into a cafe where he became aggressive and was asked to leave by the owner. Police were called and Samson was arrested. He reportedly gave officers false identification details and supplied his mother’s address in Bracknell.

A quick Nexis check shows there's been almost no media coverage of a Samson Obama over the last two years, so at least he wasn't the subject of a gooey feature anywhere.

One might say this isn't much of a family connection -- but it is a half-brother. I'd venture that if American media outlets found it newsworthy that President Bush's niece Noelle falsely tried to grab a prescription for Xanax in 2002, a teen-sex controversy over a half-brother might be worth a few sentences.

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