Did Ed Schultz Lie About Taking a Job at MSNBC?

Ed Schultz appeared at the end of MSNBC’s Countdown tonight for the "Big Announcement" that he will take over the 6pm slot on the left-wing cable "news" network on Monday with "The Ed Show." Last week, MRC president Brent Bozell issued a press release about the negotiations between the talker and MSNBC, taking the network even further to the left: "I will offer NBC a bit of friendly advice: When you find yourself in an embarrassment hole, stop digging,"

Schultz responded by blowing smoke on his radio show that rumors of an MSNBC show were baseless speculation, and that he was a "radio guy...I’m not going anywhere." Is that a lie, or simply a Clintonesque non-denial denial? He said:

But I find it interesting that out of nowhere, where there's no basis of anything, it's just a bunch of speculation out there, that Brent Bozell would put out a statement about MSNBC for associating with Ed if that ever happens, and he's got, quote, some friendly advice (laughs) He's got friendly advice.

Before that, he said:

Who is Brent Bozo? He's with some media research, right-wing outfit and he put out a press release yesterday saying that MSNBC is lower than whale manure or whatever, I don't know what he, it's something about, if they hire Schultz, it's the lowest of the low. First of all, just, folks, settle down. I'm here on the Ed Schultz Show. Everything's fine. I'm not going anywhere, I'm a radio guy, OK? I'm a radio guy. I'm here.

It might be understandable to want to quash rumors about contract negotiations while they're ongoing. But wouldn't it have been smarter and more temperate for Schultz to restrain himself from saying "I'm not going anywhere"?

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