Some Humanitarian: Ashley Judd Hates Shooting Wolves, But Favors Partial-Birth Abortions

So the pulchritudinous actress Ashley Judd is starring in a new advertising campaign by the group Defenders of Wildlife against Gov. Sarah Palin for promoting "the brutal aerial killing of wolves." Palin’s accused of "casting aside science and championing the slaughter of wildlife." Viewers are urged to help stop Palin’s "senseless savagery."

Last year, Judd appeared on a panel of the Clinton Global Initiative  and promoted her pro-abortion agenda. She declared to our gang at that "a woman voting for McCain and Palin is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders." So let’s get this straight. According to the humanitarian ethics of Ashley Judd, Sarah Palin shouldn’t allow wolves to be shot from an airplane, but she should allow human babies to have their skulls vacuumed out and killed in a partial-birth abortion. Who here is in favor of "senseless savagery" again?

This actress-playing-a-scientist makes no attempt to engage in any "sense" on the other side. She’s for letting the lovable wolves live. But the wolves are being killed to increase the moose and caribou population. If she was against "senseless savagery," why is she pro-wolf? It’s pretty funny that a group called "Defenders of Wildlife" is completely in favor of wolves slaughtering caribou. They’re defenders of wildlife from humans, but they love all wildlife indiscriminately enough to completely avoid the issues of how animals savagely kill and eat each other.

Palin knows from personal experience that moose is an important food source for humans in Alaska, but Ashley Judd doesn’t care about the humans in Alaska – unless they’re buying movie tickets.

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