Jon Stewart Loves White-Mocking Preacher: 'Most Adorable Man I've Ever Seen'

To the trend-setters on the set of The Daily Show, white-mocking prayers are adorable, and experience in race-baiting churches is an "enormous advantage" for Barack Obama. When liberal PBS Washington Week host Gwen Ifill showed up on Tuesday to plug her "Age of Obama" book, Jon Stewart suggested Rev. Joseph Lowery was "maybe the most adorable man I’ve ever seen." Ifill suggested "Isn’t he the cutest civil rights leader ever?" That’s a strange reaction for a preacher who prayed at the Obama inauguration that one day the clueless Caucasians will be enlightened: "white will embrace what is right." Ifill and Stewart were discussing how Obama’s victory changes the black civil rights movement:

STEWART: Where does it leave the old guard in that movement?

IFILL: It depends on which ones are the old guard. Joe Lowery, who gave the benediction, that great benediction at the Inauguration –

STEWART: Man, that was maybe the most adorable man I’ve ever seen.

IFILL: Isn’t he the cutest civil rights leader ever?

STEWART: He was the cutest – I wish I had one in my pocket right now, just pull him out.

IFILL: I keep him in my pocket. He’s completely adorable. He was on the Obama bandwagon early on.

A little later, as Ifill explained that Obama’s Democrat convention played up the Kansas roots and played down the Kenyan ones, Stewart decleared he liked the idea of Obama spending two decades fermenting in the anti-American, anti-white bitterness of Jeremiah Wright’s church:

STEWART: But I like the idea that he had the experience of being in Reverend Wright’s church and also in Kansas. To be able to empathize with what people are really going through, you need to be able to touch their experience.

IFILL: That’s true.

STEWART: And I think that’s an enormous advantage.

What? To be "able to touch their experience" in the poor areas of Chicago, you have to applaud (and financially support) the racial rabies of Reverend Wright?

There are liberals who are still trying to explain Wright was only talking reality.

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