Edwards Love-Child Story Breaks In North Carolina

The John Edwards love-child story is picking up steam in Edwards' home state of North Carolina. Both the Charlotte Observer and the Raleigh News and Observer (not conservative papers) picked up a dispatch by Lisa Zagaroli of McClatchy Newspapers:

No father is listed on the birth certificate of a child who a tabloid newspaper claims is linked to former Sen. John Edwards.

The document doesn't help to clear up repeated allegations by the National Enquirer that the N.C. Democrat had a sexual relationship, and later a baby, with Rielle Hunter, who had been hired last year by Edwards' presidential campaign.

The certificate, obtained by The Charlotte Observer on Thursday, shows Frances Quinn Hunter was born Feb. 27, more than two months after an Edwards aide claimed to be the father. Andrew Young, a former Edwards campaign finance director, claimed paternity in a December statement from his lawyer, posted at the political blog mydd.com.

Apparently, Edwards refused to answer questions the Charlotte Observer was attempting to ask after he waved off reporters at an AARP poverty event in Washington:

Edwards emerged near the rear of the hotel with two men. When approached by a Charlotte Observer reporter, Edwards said, "Can't do it now, I'm sorry" and quickly walked past.

Asked about the Beverly Hilton, Edwards said "sorry" and got into a waiting car with the other men. Asked twice more to address the Enquirer story, Edwards was silent until the car doors were closed.

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