Maryland Democrat Charges 'Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy'

You don’t see this every day. In a fierce Maryland fight for a majority-black seat in Congress, Rep. Al Wynn’s campaign filed a complaint against Donna Edwards, the leftist challenger that he barely beat in the last election cycle. The Washington Post reported he said in a conference call with reporters: "There seems to be a vast, dare I say, left-wing conspiracy designed to circumvent campaign finance laws." Wynn is being challenged as too conservative, even though he has a lifetime American Conservative Union rating of 9.9 percent.

Edwards (the candidate the Post noted was supported in the cold by actor Danny Glover) is on leave as executive director of the Arca Foundation, a hard-left philanthropy. Its newest focus is on media groups – including $50,000 to Media Matters for America to monitor religious broadcasting (think Pat Robertson on "The 700 Club.")

To make sure he doesn't sound conservative, Wynn has also charged in a press release that the “Arca Foundation, where Edwards is executive director, holds $1.8 million in investments in multi-national oil and gas companies including almost $1 million in investments in Exxon-Mobil and Halliburton.” He probably did that because Edwards is cartooning him as a Halliburton buddy.

The New York Sun has also reported on the race.

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