Russert's Son on MSNBC: 'Starbucks Are Legalized Opium Dens, and I Agree With That'

Nepotism alert! Tim Russert’s college-age son Luke – yes, the youngster with the XM satellite radio sports show with James Carville – was sitting in as one of the wise-cracking sidekicks on MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Friday, and Joe Scarborough was mocking him and his "New Age parents" for drinking green tea from Starbucks. Apparently, "morning joe" humor is required, considering the show name. Channeling the spirit of Don Imus, with his regular drug jokes, Luke quipped: “Starbucks are legalized opium dens, and I agree with that.” He’s obviously joking, but you wouldn’t want to run for office and have Tim Russert put that quote up on screen, would you?

You don't think this is what XM Radio meant when they said Luke and James had "amazing chemistry"?

That wasn’t the end of the law-skirting comedy. A few minutes later, news reader Mika Brzezinski (daughter of the Jimmy Carter security guru and Bush hater Zbignew Brzezinski was pushed to acknowledge that she employed her feminine wiles to get out of a traffic ticket this morning despite her admitted speeding and running multiple red lights to make it to the studio on time. She said she cried, and the police officer let her off.

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