Who Wants To Imagine Morley Safer Interviewing In The Nude?

CBS "60 Minutes" correspondent Morley Safer interviewed Oscar-favored actress Helen Mirren for Sunday, and CBS sent out press materials highlighting her fondness for nude scenes. She even suggested she and Safer do their interview naked. At his routinely liberal blog for Broadcasting & Cable magazine, reporter John Eggerton applauded the silly idea as "a stroke of genius" in flouting those dictators downtown at the FCC:

For one brief shining moment I was ready to celebrate one of the gutsiest programming moves in recent years, one calculated to suggest the ludicrousness of a fixation on nudity. With CBS fighting the FCC's indecency crackdown, what a stroke of genius to have both Safer and Mirren in the nude for their interview about how Mirren, and her mother, think her past nude scenes (Caligula, Calendar Girls) are no big deal...

It was not to be, however. The headline was only a teaser, referring to Mirren's joke to Safer about how she is still doing nude scenes: “I’m still doing it!, she told him. "Oh it gets better as you get older, Morley. You should try it. Yes, I think we should do this interview, both of us, in the nude. You’d love it!"

We understand that Safer thinks saints are "the most tedious people," but a nude interview would take it a bit too far. (Hat tip: Dan Isett.)

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