Arianna's CBS Commentary Whacked Rove, Bush for 'Banging the Fear Gong'

While some have puzzled or protested over why CBS would offer its "freeSpeech" megaphone on the Evening News to Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, it shouldn't be missed that the Left has not been ignored. Katrina vanden Heuvel of The Nation sounded off on Bush subverting the Constitution on October 9. On Tuesday night, CBS gave the spotlight to Arianna Huffington, who decried the right-wing politics of fear, which would suggest that there's nothing in the world a little "detente" won't fix:

Let’s face it: "The sky is falling" or "the nukes are coming" is a frighteningly effective sales pitch.

Don’t get me wrong: North Korea testing a nuke is real bad news. But I couldn't help but wonder what political use Karl Rove and the president would put this real bad news to. After all, banging the fear gong and trying to scare the hell out of us has worked like a charm for President Bush and the GOP.

Ever since 9/11, "be afraid" has been their No. 1 talking point. They sold us on invading Iraq with warnings from Condoleezza Rice that the "smoking gun might be a mushroom cloud" and dire predictions from Bush and Cheney about all the ways Saddam could rain death and destruction on us. And it's remarkable how the terror rhetoric always seems to hit Red just before elections.

Whether it's the specter of North Korean nukes or Iraqi insurgents making their way to Main Street USA, fear is a powerful, universal emotion — always there to be exploited. So as Election Day draws near, be on the lookout for those attempting to scare us into voting our fears.

To quote FDR, "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself." And those who use it for their own political purposes.

One wag joked in the comments section on the CBS website entry for this commentary:

Right after FDR said:

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."

He rounded up several hundred thousand Japanese, German, and Italian Americans and put them in camps.

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