WashPost Hypes New Round of Immigration Protests -- Without Liberal Labels

On page A-12 of Thursday's Washington Post, they report on "More Immigration Demonstrations Planned." Reporter Karin Brulliard tells her entire story without ever finding anyone to describe as "liberal" in it. She began: "After four months of relative quiet, immigration reform advocates are mobilizing a new round of protests in Washington and other cities to put pressure on a returning Congress and reinvigorate a Latino movement that awakened in massive demonstrations this spring." One of the first marches will be directed straight at the office of Republican House leader Dennis Hastert, which apparently doesn't make you hostile to Republicans.

Liberal groups like the Center for Community Change and CASA de Maryland were cited, but not labeled. Bruillard also exaggerates the spontaneity a little when she writes: "Local organizers said they are improving on spring rallies that were hastily planned amid a spontaneous groundswell of activism."

The I-word, "illegal," only appeared once in the entire piece: "In media interviews and on fliers, they have simplified their focus to key demands: legalization for the unauthorized and an end to stepped-up arrests of illegal immigrants." You can also search the entire story in vain for the words like "alien," or "amnesty."

Critics of the protesters were briefly allowed, also without a label: "The spring protests roused supporters but also stirred fierce hostility, said Steven A. Camarota of the Center for Immigration Studies, which favors lower levels of immigration."

Immigration Labeling Washington Post
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