New Gore Movie Ads Explicitly Tell Liberals To Vote at the Box Office

July 9th, 2006 7:25 AM

This weekend's print ads for the Al Gore global-warming-slide-show documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" explicitly appeals to liberals to vote for environmental extremism at the box office. Is this a movie ad, or a Greenpeace direct-mail letter? Judge for yourself. This prose appears on the image of a piece of paper tacked to a bulletin board (emphasis theirs):

An Inconvenient Truth' is already one of the top ten documentaries of all time.

It has a chance to become a phenomenon.

There are people in Washington hoping that never happens, so they can dismiss it as a fringe issue.

If you care... you can't let them.

You need to take your friends and family, and make them see it.

It is not enough to be converted. Now is the time for you to convert others.

This is global warming's moment.

This is our last, best chance to tip things back in the planet's favor.

A portion of every ticket goes directly to the fight.

Please join us in defending the only home we will ever know.

I saw the ad in Friday's Weekend section of The Washington Post. The line that really sticks out, after the insistence that you have to drag your friends and your kids to see Gore drone on about carbon dioxide for hours, is the "conversion" line. "It is not enough to be converted. Now is the time for you to convert others." Can you imagine the uproar if this promotional line has been used in newspaper ads for.... "The Passion of the Christ"?

Oh, Gore's people are working on converting the Christians, too.