CBS Plays Up People Going to Pawn Shop for Gas Money

April 22nd, 2006 6:30 PM

MRC's Mike Rule noticed CBS's "Early Show" on Friday was going to extremes to play up the drama of recent gas price increases. People are now suddenly pawning items for gas money?

Julie Chen: “Oil prices reached a new record this morning, at one point they topped $73 a barrel. That's not helping high gas prices; some are going to extremes to pay for gas, pawning their belongings.”

Unnamed person: “Well one guy needed just to get home; one girl needed it just to get to work. SO they've got to bring more just to get enough to put 3 or 4 dollars worth of gas or 5 dollars worth of gas.”

Julie Chen: “Unleaded regular is going for more than $3 a gallon in many areas.”



As Mike noted, wouldn't you think people pawning items for four or five bucks to buy gas would have done the same a month ago?