How Liberals Can Overdo the Cheney Gun Story

From today's Washington Post online chat with Howard Kurtz, where even he grew tired of the conspiracy theorizing:

Bethesda, Md.: Noon tv news said that the Cheney shooting was "accidental". Shouldn't that be allegedly accidental? How do we know its accidental without an investigation? What are "good" media rules on this?

Howard Kurtz: I think this will require a special prosecutor.

Over at the official Democratic Party blog, this headline: Cheney Shoots 78-Year-Old Man, Bin Laden Still at Large. Joe Rospars jokes:

Despite hitting only Mr. Whittington with his shotgun blast, Cheney was heard to be insisting hours later that the quail, since flown away, was in its "last throes."

Cheney has a history of misdirecting fire, famously playing a key role in the drive to invade Iraq after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The mastermind of those attacks, Osama bin Laden, is still at large.

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