CBS Publicizes "Well-Coordinated" Terror Attack As They Claim Elections Spur Violence

December 27th, 2005 5:07 PM

As Michael's blog mentions, this is CBS reporter Kelly Cobiella's depressing story from Iraq this morning, another attempt to record new victories for the efficient terrorists:

"The final election results from the December 15 election still aren't in, but the preliminary numbers have sparked massive protests and a new wave of violence. Thousands of angry protestors marched in the streets of Baghdad demanding new elections under United Nations supervision, they say the religious Shiite coalition has stolen the mid-December vote; they're threatening to boycott the new parliament if they don't see a change. As many here feared, the election results are already sparking a new wave of sectarian violence across the country -- a pipeline up in flames, a well-coordinated attack on an Iraqi checkpoint in Baqouba, and six blasts which rocked Baghdad.

"So far, two dozen people have been killed and dozens more injured, and in a move that is likely to fuel the flames of the Sunni led insurgency, homes were demolished in the Sunni strongholds of Fallujah and Ramadi, and Iraqi and American soldiers were moving in. ‘We were kicked out of our homes’, this woman said, ‘we voted in the elections we did what they asked and the government kicked us out of our homes.’ Final results from that election are due in sometime next week, and getting all Iraqis to see them as legitimate may be the biggest challenge this new democracy faces yet."