Roberts: "Not A Perjurer Or A Lawbreaker, That We Know Of..."?

September 12th, 2005 3:35 PM

Coming out of the John Roberts opening statement at 3:30 on MSNBC, anchor Brian Williams asked Tim Russert that Roberts is "not a perjurer or a lawbreaker that we know of," but how can one greet his claim that he has no agenda? That's quite a dramatic way of suggesting Roberts may not be trustworthy.

UPDATE: Brent Baker has given me the transcript. On both NBC and MSNBC, Williams said of (unlabeled) liberals: "If you're a member of one of the interest groups, perhaps one of the Senators dead-set against this nomination, when you look at this man who is ready for lifetime appointment to the federal bench, who is not a perjurer or a lawbreaker that we know of, say quote, 'I have no agenda, my job is to call balls and strikes.' That must be a pleasing, calming message no matter what your position."