Newspaper Bias Sightings in Strange Places

August 27th, 2005 7:38 AM

NewsBusters readers were amused at the idea of liberal bias in the Washington Post sports section, so for a little weekend fun, let's revisit a couple of examples of wild editorializing in strange places in the newspaper. In 2003, this New York Times quote earned a Runner-Up mention in our Best of Notable Quotables with this memorable clip from an article on Norway's seafood:  

“If you see a whole monkfish at the market, you’ll find its massive mouth scarier than a shark’s. Apparently it sits on the bottom of the ocean, opens its Godzilla jaws and waits for poor unsuspecting fishies to swim right into it, not unlike the latest recipients of W’s capital-gains cuts.” – Food writer Jonathan Reynolds in a July 27, 2003 New York Times Magazine article...

I remember digging this nugget out of a Sunday paper a long time ago:

"I found it affirming to see the real thing [South Africa], a place where everything was not only in black and white, but where racists had felt free enough to put it in writing. Americans are so much more subtle with their oppression, always leaving enough wiggle room to question the sanity of the victim, accuse him or her of paranoia." -- Washington Post reporter Mary Ann French in a Travel section article, July 10, 1994.