Sure We’re Losing Polar Bears, But Global Warming Is Giving Us More ‘Street’ Cats

Monica Guzman, an online reporter with the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, told readers in an October 22 blog post that global warming could be causing the number of stray cats in Seattle to increase. In an interview with shelter director (and amateur climatologist) Don Jordan, he said:

"A decade ago or two decades ago, when there were cold spells in the winter, a certain part of the cat population died off. But if we're not having those real cold spells, a lot more animals stay alive through the breeding season."

But then Guzman wrote this argument-defeating statement: "He hasn't seen any data to back that up, but it's ‘certainly been discussed' among directors of other shelters, he said."

Why this is even mentioned as something that could be feasible is lost on me.

Earlier in the post, Guzman mentioned that there could be other reasons for the increase in feral cats in Seattle. Namely that there is no cat leash law and a tendency not to spay or neuter cats as regularly as dogs. Could this be a coincidence?

As usual the global warming alarmists in the media are finding relatively mundane things to blame on the "it" problem of global warming.

The blog post was supposed to be touting the shelter and its need for "foster care" families for felines. However global warming made its way into the equation and leaves me wondering, what can't be blamed on global warming?

-Stuart James is a Research Analyst at the Business and Media Institute.

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