‘Truly Appalling': MRC’s Hamill Reacts to Media Coverage of Anti-Israel Protests

April 26th, 2024 2:33 PM

Media Research Center (MRC) contributing writer Stephanie Hamill was a guest on Newsmax2 with host John Bachman on Wednesday where they discussed the anti-Israel protests sweeping American Universities across the nation and the mainstream media’s coverage of it. 

The MRC has documented several examples of the bias in regards to the anti-Israel protests –– from a CNN analyst demanding colleges ‘allow space’ for anti-Semitic rallies, to the lack of coverage on the threats and violence against Jewish students.

Hamill: We see a lot of the networks portraying this as peaceful protests, they’re trying to push the violence and threats against Jews under the rug, discredit Jewish student, –– the media coverage on this is truly appalling.