Nazi Gingerbread Men

December 15th, 2006 7:07 PM

Today is the beginning of Hanukkah, so can't let this one pass just in case you missed it...

Just when you think you’ve heard it all—FOX News reports: “An artist who was forced to remove his Nazi gingerbread men from the window of a hardware store has set up the display in an empty storefront in another town. “The Secret Lives of Gingerbread Men” depicts a small gathering at a Nazi rally. Keith McGuckin set up the display in this northeastern Ohio/>/> city Thursday night, a day before the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah begins at sundown…

This would be the same as having a display of abortionists doing their thing on Christmas Eve. How sick is this?

Last year McGuckin used the same store window to display a “caroler-bashing” snowman.

While we may be disgusted at such news, where are the PC police? Where are the anti- discrimination folks? Shamefully silent on this eve of Hanukkah. Read more

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