Media Fails to Report on Anti-War Group's 'Letter from God'

November 16th, 2005 12:10 AM
Why would failing to report on an anti-war group's openly displayed 'Letter from God' be a case for media bias? Because every time President Bush makes reference to his belief in God the mainstream media is all over it, like fleas on a dog. And not only his faith, but that of his appointees, as in Maureen Dowd's article, on former Supreme Court nominee, Harriet Miers.
You probably read how after calling into question the qualifications of Condoleeza Rice, Karen Hughes and other women on his staff, referring to them as office wives "who steadfastly devote their entire lives to doting on him", Dowd goes into some detail about Miers' faith:
"Bushie and Harriet share the same born-again Christian faith, which they came to in midlife, deciding to adopt Jesus Christ as their saviors. The Washington Post reported that she tithes to the Valley View Christian Church in Dallas, "where antiabortion literature is sometimes distributed and tapes from the conservative group Focus on the Family are sometimes screened," and where, when she returns, Ms. Miers asks well-wishers to pray for her and the president....W. is asking for a triple leap of faith. He has faith in Ms. Miers as his lawyer and as a woman who shares his faith. And we're expected to have faith in his faith and her faith, and her opinions that derive from her faith that could change the balance of the court and affect women's rights for the next generation. That's a little bit too much faith, isn't it?"
There are numerous other examples of media bias regarding the President's faith, such as during the 2004 election debates, as David Limbaugh pointed out, "President Bush gets so much flak for his faith and John Kerry is applauded for his professions of faith -- by the very same people? As I recall, while President Bush made no secret during the debates of his reliance on God, it was not him, but John Kerry who was citing Scripture -- or trying to. And it was Kerry who said, "My faith affects everything that I do, in truth."

So, I guess we shouldn't be surprised to find zero mention by the media, even with tongue in cheek, of CODEPINK's "Letter from God" delivered by Lea Arellano , applauding the group for their efforts. Which, by the way, I ran across while researching for a piece on CODEPINK's upcoming anti-military recruitment invasion on school campuses and recruitment offices this week, with their "Not Your Soldier" & "National Stand Down" student days on November 17th & 18th.

I've been waiting to see if the MSM will report on these upcoming nation-wide student protests, but so far, nothing. Likewise, nothing on CODEPINK'S belief, with letter in hand, that God is on their side. Whether members take this seriously or not, the media has ignored it. Can you imagine if there was such a letter on the White House's website? God forbid! 

Sharon Hughes is a Radio Talk Show Host heard on KDIA in San Francisco and Her weekly column appears in many recognized news sites, most recently  Sharon's blogs: Veritas and WOMANTalk