Hannah Giles, Co-Star of ACORN-Busting Videos, Poses Some Great Questions the Media Aren't Asking

October 28th, 2009 8:11 PM

Nearly everyone now knows of the reform whirlwind kicked up by the Dynamic Duo of Hannah Giles and James O'Keefe - with a big follow-up assist from BigGovernment.com impresario Andrew Breitbart.

Unless of course you rely solely on the Jurassic Press - the traditional media - for your information.  If so, you may to this day remain blissfully ignorant - of this and a whole host of other important stories.

Giles pretended to be a prostitute, O'Keefe her pimp, and they together visited with hidden video camera (at least) six Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) offices (with more to be revealed soon???). 

In each instance, the two spun continually wilder tales of home purchase for use as a brothel, not just for Giles but for a group of underage Central American girls the two intended to illegally smuggle into the country.

In every instance, ACORN officials were more than happy to assist with every aspect of their illegal and immoral endeavors, often in creatively evasive ways.

The ensuing maelstrom led the United States Commerce Department to sever their ties with ACORN, with whom the Department had contracted to assist with the 2010 Census (since ACORN does such an extraordinary job with their voter registration tallies). 

Congress subsequently voted to halt all federal ACORN funding - at least temporarily.  (According to U.S. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, our money begins reflowing to ACORN at midnight on November 1st - Happy Halloween, everybody.) 

And through all of this the media remained largely silent.  Unless they were being outright defensive of the serially criminal ACORN.  ABC World News Tonight anchor Charlie "Pardon Me?" Gibson pled ignorance to the story five days and three videos after it first broke.

Since these journalistic dinosaurs expressed so little interest in these videos as they were first revealed, it should come as no surprise that they have not pursued the Cornucopia of questions that they raise about ACORN's hooker-helping practices.  

Many of which Ms. Giles cogently lays out in her BigGovernment.com essay today.  

For instance:

  • Baltimore-Why no mention of the toddlers that were in the room while James and I were being counseled on how to manage our underage prostitution ring?
  • San Bernardino-The content of this video was largely ignored except for the part where Tresa Kaelke mentions she shot her husband. What about when she told us not to educate our sex-slaves because they won’t want to work for us? Or when we talked about making more money off clients who are permitted to physically abuse the girls? What about the whole transport-the-girls-in-a-school-bus-to-avoid-suspicion discussion?...
  • San Bernardino: What happened to the list of politicians that Ms. Kaelke rattled off when she spoke of her ACORN office's community involvement and influence? Has anyone set out to uncover just how close these politicians relationships are with the San Bernardino ACORN? Does anyone even remember the names?
  • San Diego: Has anyone questioned why Juan Carlos would want to help smuggle girls across the Mexican border right after an ACORN-sponsored immigration parade???

Great questions, Ladies and Gentlemen. 

Which the media still aren't asking.  Preferring instead to pursue far more important lines of inquiry about Balloon Boy. 

And ruling in the court of their own private opinion against Rush Limbaugh's owning a piece of the National Football League's Saint Louis Rams - based on libelous, unattributed quotes they nevertheless attributed to him.  About which they also showed no interest in asking any questions in advance of their repeatedly broadcasting them.   

An incredibly incurious lot, this Jurassic Press.  (Selectively so, of course.  Just ask Sarah Palin.)