Ed Schultz Responds On-Air to NB's Bozell's Wednesday Statement

Syndicated talk radio host Ed Schultz, with a listnership numbering in the tens, is keenly aware of Media Research Center Founder and President and NewsBusters.org Publisher Brent Bozell's Wednesday public statement.

In which Bozell predicted Schultz would quickly prove to be yet another embarrassment for NBC should MSNBC follow through with their notion to give Schultz a television show, thereby - somehow - managing to make their already obnoxiously liberal line-up even more so.

Schultz it seems was quite irritated, as he returned to the topic on four separate occassions during his minimalist-audience show yesterday.

The transcripts of the said references:

SCHULTZ (5:19): Who is Brent Bozo? He's with some media research, right-wing outfit and he put out a press release yesterday saying that MSNBC is lower than whale manure or whatever, I don't know what he, it's something about, if they hire Schultz, it's the lowest of the low. First of all, just, folks, settle down. I'm here on the Ed Schultz Show. Everything's fine. I'm not going anywhere, I'm a radio guy, OK? I'm a radio guy. I'm here. I'm up here sandbagging. Bozell, why don't you get your fanny and help sandbag if you cared about America? Or these are just where real Americans are. See, he's one of those dividing guys. But anyway, he put out some pretty negative stuff and misquoted me and mischaracterized what I had said and everything else and I really don't care, so I probably won't get to do anymore shows now that Bozell's after me.

SCHULTZ (32:42): And as Brent Bozell puts out a media release yesterday with some, some what he calls friendly advice to MSNBC if they decide to do something with Ed, you know, I find it amusing. Let me give some friendly advice to Republicans and conservatives out there. It's following the thinking of the Brent Bozells of the world that have put you in the position that you're in right now, out of touch with mainstream America, out of touch with the middle class, on the outside of the issues and joining and flocking up with an extreme point of view that's out of step with central America!

SCHULTZ (43:06): But I find it interesting that out of nowhere, where there's no basis of anything, it's just a bunch of speculation out there, that Brent Bozell would put out a statement about MSNBC for associating with Ed if that ever happens, and he's got, quote, some friendly advice (laughs) He's got friendly advice.

SCHULTZ (44:34): So, you know, Mr. Bozell, let me give you some friendly advice. You're wasting your time on Ed. I'm not you're problem. You're problem's in your own backyard. You just don't have your act together. You're out of touch. You're now in extreme territory and the American people have figured it out. And Mr. Bozell, if I ever do get a television show, that's probably not going to happen, if I ever do, will you go face to face with me on the issues that I just brought up? 'Cause I'd really love to know what your solution is. I'm challenging you. No I'm not. I'm asking you.

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