ABC's Moran: Obama's Parents Are Both Men

The ultimate objective in journalism is to deliver fresh information to the audience, to break heretofore unshattered stories.

Last night, ABC's Terry Moran did exactly that.

To get there, you must first wade through an extraordinary amount of Moran-Goo, as he slathers it liberally all over his reporting of the official nomination vote. But this is hardly groundbreaking. What comes next is.

The excited media throngs have already long hailed Illinois Senator Barack Obama for being the first bi-racial candidate ever to secure a major Party's nomination for President.

Moran yesterday added to the historic aura surrounding the Senator's parents.

To quote Mr. Moran, Sen. Obama is "the son of a black man from Kenya, and a white man from Kansas."

To again quote Mr. Moran, this "is a moment for the history books." This certainly is.

To parahrase Mr. Moran soon thereafter, "Oops."

H/t: The intrepid Mike R. Bravo, good Sir.

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