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Those of us on the Right side of things have a profound disdain for what has become known as Che Chic -- the rampant popularity amongst the ignorant and idiotic portions of society (ours and elsewhere on the globe) of the recently retired Fidel Castro's designated Revolutionary hit man, Che Guevara.

Shirts, hats, and flags bearing the likeness of the Central and South American Communist assassin have adorned the bodies, heads and campaign offices of some of the world's finest mindless.

So it was with joyous exhuberence that I came upon the current issue of Mad Magazine whilst strolling through the grocer's this afternoon.

For the cover art alone (below), it was indeed an absolute must purchase.

NewsBusters.org - Media Research Center
... and After

How can any of us not LOVE this rendering, with the accompanying sub-head "Viva La Stupidity"?

Is Mad Mag perhaps more properly commemerating the end of El Presidente's forty-nine year run than any of the "real," "serious" news outlets?

Or are they simply poking fun at one of the greatest of our pop culture atrocities.

If it is either, or both, or even neither, it is simply fantastic.

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