Hillary Clinton Passes On 'Bastard'

Remember when the media was concerned about the tone of the Presidential discourse?

About how it had fallen to new lows when an audience member, in querying Republican Senator and aspirant John McCain on November 13th of last year, referred to Democrat hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRC) as a female dog? CNN's Rick Sanchez tried desperately to create a scandal out of whole cloth, insisting that Senator McCain was obligated to lash said woman verbally and with a wet noodle in defense of HRC's honor.

Well, a "B" word is now upon the other foot.

Over the weekend, an elderly woman arose to address HRC at a Missouri town meeting, and referred to the man Hillary is seeking to succeed, George W. Bush, as the progeny of unwed parents.

In response, HRC "nodded her head slightly and smiled. Then, she proceeded to....answer the question, saying 'there's not a lot of truth to it.'"

What, no blistering rebuke of the woman for impugning our Commander in Chief? Where is the civility? Where is the dignity?

Where is CNN's Rick Sanchez, and why is he not excoriating HRC for failing to stand up for her fellow pol, as he did with John McCain?

'Tis early, but the silence thus far is deafening.

(Thanks to SC for the heads-up.)

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