AP's Glen Johnson Interrupts and Argues with Mitt Romney (Video)

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Greased Lightning Bias

Try as I might, the Associated Press's bias is outpacing my best efforts.

No sooner do I extensively examine their weak week that was than I am delivered more media manna from Heaven, on video no less.

[Thank you very much, DaBird -- loved your work with the Celtics.]

Below the fold, the Reporter (a term we use exceedingly loosely) Glen Johnson explosion:

Now it is not that Johnson is pressing Romney, that is fine, energetic reporting is all very well and good. We, in fact, root daily for far more of it.

Johnson interrupting Romney is the epitome of uncouth, and pretty low class, but that is not the problem either.

The problem is with what Johnson says towards the very end of the tape:

"He (Romney) shouldn't stand there and tell a total falsehood".

This is true; indeed, no candidate should.

But this leads one to think of the myriad questionable tales with which we are regaled at all hours of the night and day by the likes of Hillary Rodham Clinton over the last fifteen years:

  1. WhitewaterGate
  2. TrooperGate
  3. AsiaGate
  4. TravelGate
  5. FBIFileGate
  6. AsiaGate II - With Norman Hsu
  7. CattleGate
  8. EdmundHillaryGate
  9. IDidNotKnowtheMonicaStoryWasTrueUntilTwoWeeksAftertheBlueDressGate
  10. ... and on and on and on ...

... and one can not help but wonder to where the AP's, and the media's in general, exuberance flees when she is before them astride the podium.

When Senator Clinton addresses the rabble, it is cotton candy all around from and for the press.

If only we saw some of this tenacious, righteous reportorial indignation directed her way at some point, at ANY point.

But alas and alack, where does wishing get one?

Well, for starters, in bookstores everywhere.

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